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Is it REALLY green

Is the carpet you want to buy REALLY green environmentally?

MODA’s view of being green is based on the fact that carpet you purchase from MODA is going to provide many years of satisfaction both aesthetically and via performance.  The selection of product that is durable and long lasting could, in our opinion, be more beneficial on a life cycle analysis to the environment than a product with recycled content that has inherent poor performance, poor longevity and poor texture retention.


So our view is, beyond the many facts listed below in recognition of minimizing our footprint on the environment, the purchase of a MODA Carpet has less environmental impact than much of the noise some large carpet manufacturers are making with their supposed “green” products or statements.


MODA incorporates into every yard produced

  • The use of recycled post consumer content as well as being CRI Green Label Plus Certified
  • The reclamation of water which has cut our consumption by 15% in recent years
  • The continued reduction of our NOx emissions which have been reduced far in excess of regulatory requirements.
  • MODA actively practices responsible re-cycling in all phases of our operations, from the office to the re-use of manufacturing waste.