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What FIBER are you buying?

what FIBER are you buying?


Today’s world is full of claims and statements that are not based in fact and past performance.  Moda firmly believes that the fiber of choice for one’s residence is simply and only a carpet constructed of type 6.6 nylon, preferably that nylon is backed by the Invista Stainmaster warranties.


As a consumer you need to ask your retailer/designer what fiber you are buying in the carpet that holds your interest.  Insist on a type 6.6 nylon, we would caution you NOT to purchase polyester carpet or a carpet made from TYPE 6 NYLON.  Most importantly, ask about the fiber type – IT DOES MATTER!


You may not select the fine residential fabrics from Moda but make sure you are purchasing a carpet that will perform and look good not only when it is new but for years after that.  We believe all certified Stainmaster Xtra Life, Tactesse and Luxerell products offer you that performance and texture retention.